Cyberattacks and Small Business

What Enterprises Can Expect for Cybersecurity in 2019


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A recent article in eWeek features a number of cybersecurity-related trends enterprises can expect in 2019. 

Here are some key points, featured in the article, for business executives to know regarding the outlook for IT security in 2019. 

  1. Nation-state attacks will get worse
  2. Phishing attacks will get worse
  3. Ransomware is not going away
  4. Cryptomining will move to your servers and cloud instances
  5. Two-factor authentication will become a necessity
  6. Start working on a way to eliminate user names and passwords
  7. Your company will be attacked
  8. You may need to revise your network architecture
  9. All of your data needs to be inaccessible
  10. Engage a third-party for a security audit

As attackers and their methods are becoming more sophisticated, Yeo & Yeo Technology will continue to be at the forefront of IT security’s evoluton in 2019 and beyond. Read the article in its entirety here


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