What is a Security Tech Stack?


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First, the term “stack” is used because it describes layers that deliver services and exchange information to achieve a higher-level service. The concept of a “security stack” communicates that security must be an integrated set of services.

Every layer is a particular technology with its own features. The security stack needs to be designed from the ground up, knowing that security is a vital network element, just like multiple blueprints (electrical, plumbing, flooring, etc.) are required to construct a safe and stable building.

So, what would be a bare-minimum security stack?

  • Email security: Protection from email-borne threats
  • Firewalls: A barrier between a trusted and untrusted network
  • Anti-virus: Protection for endpoints in the business
  • DNS Filtering: software that blocks threats before they reach your network

In addition to these bare-minimum security tools, we recommend:

  • Security Awareness Training to educate and build your human firewall
  • Multi-factor authentication to verify a user’s identity
  • Patching and vulnerability management to decrease vulnerabilities

Tech StackThat said, many other layers (tools) should be added to protect your organization. Below is a picture of a security stack that a managed security service provider (MSP), like Yeo & Yeo Technology, can create for their clients. The layers together provide a higher-level service and include some of the bare minimum listed above. 

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Information used in this article was provided by our partners at KnowBe4.

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