Work-Life Balance at Yeo & Yeo

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I love waking up in the morning with my family! I used to be a ‘6:00 in the morning get to work kind of guy’, now there is nothing I enjoy more than having a bowl of cereal with my two boys and a cup of coffee with my wife before the work day starts. We work together to get the kids off to school and it just seems to get all of our days off to a better start.

At Yeo & Yeo, our primary purpose is to position our employees to best serve their families, communities, clients and the firm, while providing a gratifying and challenging career.

The workforce is vocal, they are telling us what they want: career paths with upward mobility, support and feedback along the way, and the ability to successfully integrate their careers and personal lives. At Yeo & Yeo, we are choosing to listen to this feedback and institute change.

Yeo & Yeo’s Career Advocacy Team aims to assist the firm’s emerging leaders in rising to the top. The team’s core focus areas include career development strategies, leadership development, alternative career paths and flexible work arrangements.

A career at Yeo & Yeo fits well in today’s society. Yeo & Yeo has always been a firm that is family oriented, community minded, and responsive to managing the workload that comes with a profession that encounters many ‘busy seasons.’ However, the profession historically left very little room for work-life balance. Technology is changing; in turn, so is the work force. We can stay in contact with our clients more so than in the past, and with the majority of documentation existing in the cloud, a traditional office setting for work is not as necessary. This allows for greater opportunities to integrate work with our family and community life.

This flexibility and the technology at Yeo & Yeo allowed me to trade in my early mornings for later evenings. I not only have breakfast with my family, but I am home for dinner, enjoy play time with the kids, and when the boys go to bed, I log in and access my virtual office from home for a couple hours. That is how I obtained my balance and integrate my work and life.

Everyone’s situation is different, but when an employee displays their commitment to Yeo & Yeo, we want to do our part to help them achieve their balance.


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