Year-end 2020 Tax Guide

Year-end 2020 Tax Guide

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As year-end approaches, now is a good time to think about planning moves that may help lower your tax bill for this year and possibly next.

Business and personal year-end tax planning for 2020 are widely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. New tax rules have been enacted to mitigate the pandemic’s financial impact, some of which should be considered as part of this year’s planning.

Yeo & Yeo’s Year-end 2020 Tax Guide provides action items that may help you save tax dollars if you act before year-end. These are just some of the steps that can be taken to save taxes. Not all actions may apply in your particular situation, but you or a family member can likely benefit from many of them.
Next steps
After reviewing this year’s Year-end Tax Guide, you are urged to discuss your personal and business situations with your Yeo & Yeo tax advisor. Your tax professional can help narrow down the specific actions you can take and tailor a tax plan for your current situation. 
Together we can:
  • Identify tax strategies and advise you on which tax-saving moves to make.
  • Evaluate tax planning scenarios.
  • Determine how we can help.
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