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PrimeGlobalYeo & Yeo is pleased to announce that the firm was admitted as the newest member in North America for PrimeGlobal, one of the five largest associations of independent accounting firms in the world. PrimeGlobal will provide Yeo & Yeo with significant expertise and resources to meet growing client needs, both internationally and domestically.

“Our objective is to provide excellent opportunities for idea sharing and business referral to our member firms, with the result that PrimeGlobal members are known for their visionary business practices,” said Michelle Arnold, PrimeGlobal’s Chief Regional Officer, North America. “We are pleased to welcome Yeo & Yeo to our association, and excited to offer the clients of our member firms around the globe an excellent resource in Michigan through PrimeGlobal.”

As a PrimeGlobal member, Yeo & Yeo will receive a wide range of tools and resources to help furnish superior accounting, auditing, and management services to clients around the globe.

“After vetting several associations in search of the ideal fit for Yeo & Yeo, we choose PrimeGlobal for its impressive level of operational organization and superior resources available to meet the needs of our professionals, clients, and communities,” said Thomas Hollerback, Yeo & Yeo’s CEO. “The accessibility to premium international and multi-state expertise will bring long-term advantages for our firm. We look forward to building relationships and collaborating with an impressive global network of member firms and professionals.”

PrimeGlobal is comprised of approximately 300 highly successful independent public accounting firms with combined annual revenue of more than $2.5 billion. PrimeGlobal’s independent member firms house a combined total of more than 2,000 partners, 20,000 employees, and 800 offices in more than 80 countries around the globe. Through PrimeGlobal, independent member firms offer the strength and capabilities of a large, worldwide organization with technical depth and geographic reach impossible for a local firm alone.

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