Yeo & Yeo Headquarters Relocating Soon

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Yeo & Yeo’s new headquarters in Saginaw, Michigan, is scheduled to be complete in July. The move will include relocation of Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Business Consultants and affiliates Yeo & Yeo Technology, Yeo & Yeo Medical Billing & Consulting, and Yeo & Yeo Financial Services.

The accounting firm and its affiliates will move from 3023 Davenport Avenue in Saginaw and relocate four miles north to 5300 Bay Road, the site of Davenport University’s former Saginaw campus. Yeo & Yeo purchased the building in April 2016, and has been remodeling and enlarging it to accommodate over 125 professionals and future growth. The building offered an existing 30,000 square feet; another 14,000 square feet has been added.

In November 2016, eleven members of Yeo & Yeo’s administration group relocated to the new headquarters to free up needed space at the Davenport location for seasonal tax professionals and additional parking. The administration offices required only minor remodeling.

Yeo & Yeo employs nearly 220 professionals and has nine offices throughout Michigan. During the last three years, Yeo & Yeo’s Ann Arbor and Lansing offices also relocated within their communities to accommodate growth and offer a contemporary work environment for employees.

Check back for additional details as we get closer to the move.

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