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Yeo & Yeo Unveils a New Brand Experience

CPAs & Advisors

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Marking their 100th anniversary, the company taps into its authentic differences

Yeo & Yeo, a business success partner serving organizations throughout Michigan, announces a new brand experience to mark its 100th anniversary. The transformation includes all of Yeo & Yeo’s companies: CPAs & Advisors, Technology, Medical Billing & Consulting, and Wealth Management.

“As we look forward to the next century, it is important for us to embrace our partnership approach, our client stories, and our unique spirit and capture them in our brand,” stated Kimberlee Dahl, Yeo & Yeo’s Director of Marketing. “We saw it as more than a new look and feel — we wanted to celebrate our dynamic culture, our diverse services, and our focus on possibilities for our clients.”

The company embarked upon a journey that included team members, clients, and community partners. They uncovered some authentic truths: the company was known for its services, but truly driven by empathy, possibility, agility, and enthusiasm, and was defined by the success of clients and communities. The brand was fully updated to reflect the firm’s true nature.

“We are our stories, and the more stories we captured, the more we realized who we truly are: Business Success Partners helping organizations and individuals thrive on their unique journeys,” said Dave Youngstrom, President & CEO of Yeo & Yeo. “We unearthed a very human company that is relationship- and connection-based, with a spirit of serving.”

Over the next several months, the new brand will be introduced in everything from the website to signage to documents and beyond. But more importantly, it will be embraced in the spirit of the organization in everyday interactions.

“This is a celebration of our work, and a new vision to live up to,” said Youngstrom. “We’re excited to do so — one client, one day, one experience at a time.”

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