YYTECH is Proud to Partner with Ergotron


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If you work in an office, chances are you’re sitting at a desk most of the day. In fact, 86 percent of Americans sit all day at work. There are many health risks that come with sitting all day. According to Martha Grogan, Cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic, people who sit all day share the same heart attack risks as smokers.

Yeo & Yeo Technology is proud to announce a new partnership with Ergotron to help our clients change the way they work.

What is Ergotron?
Ergotron products are designed to help adapt to the physical needs of individuals. Ergotron’s WorkFit line of desktop workstations gives users the ability to stand and sit at their desk, giving them a healthier daily routine. Ergotron products bring ultimate adjustability and aid in overall health and wellness.

Where are Ergoton Products Used?
As standing and mobile workstations increase in popularity, you will typically find them being used in:

  • Schools
  • Health Care (Carts)
  • Offices
If you would like to learn more about Ergotron, contact YYTECH at or your Account Executive.


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