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YeoLEAN | Audit. Delivering Better Client Service.

YeoLEAN transforms the audit process. With YeoLEAN | Audit, a Lean Six Sigma based concept, our audit clients realize greater efficiency and ease in the audit process. Our audit professionals come on-site with one project in mind – yours. Experience quicker turnaround time, thorough communication throughout the audit process, and a structured workflow for maximum efficiency.

What can you expect through the duration of the audit engagement?

An efficient process unmatched by other audit firms.


Comprehensive Engagement Planning

  • Detailed and personalized client assistance list and personal communications weeks prior to the start of the audit. Everyone knows what is expected and minimizes rework later.
  • Audit engagements are completely scheduled out at the beginning of the process, including the scheduling of our principals’ time to review the audit. Our start-to-finish scheduling system keeps tasks top of mind and ensures ample time is set aside for each audit engagement. This significantly minimizes delays and helps ensure on-time, even early, completion of the audit.
  • These effective planning processes result in fewer surprises and rework later in the audit process.

Streamlined Field Work

  • The audit begins when client reconciliations and supporting paperwork are ready for audit. We want your time to be spent answering questions and providing additional support versus completing tasks that could have been done prior to the auditor’s arrival. This makes the time that our auditors are doing field work much less stressful for the client’s staff.                    
  • The majority of our reviews are conducted in the field as the engagement progresses towards completion, reducing engagement lag time and minimizing additional questions of client staff after field work is completed.
  • Gathering of tax return supporting documentation happens during audit field work in order to minimize delay in the preparation process.

Client Satisfaction

  • The audit engagement is a team approach – clients and auditors working together to complete a common goal with less stress for all involved.
  • Clients are amazed on how smoothly and quickly the audit is completed with the YeoLEAN | Audit process.


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Yeo & Yeo is a recipient of the prestigious 2015 LEA Process Improvement Award for its YeoLEAN | Audit implementation.

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