Our Women Leaders Share Their Story

Our Women Leaders Share Their Story

In honor of being named to the 2015 Accounting MOVE Project Best Public Accounting Firms for Women list, the women leaders of Yeo & Yeo share their challenges, successes and advice to other emerging women leaders in the accounting profession.

Christine Porras CPP

Christine Porras, CPP

Christine is the payroll manager at Yeo & Yeo, a mother and a woman who loves adventure. Christine enjoys being a source of happiness for others and has a passion for being involved in the community. Read how Christine has worked to grow payroll at Yeo & Yeo and the advice she shares with future leaders.

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Carol Patridge CPA

Carol Patridge, CPA

Carol, a managing principal currently serving on the Yeo & Yeo Board of Directors, explains how impressed she is with the firm's continual support of work-life flexibility. Carol also discusses the ways she encourages the advancement of future leaders.

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Mary Kreider CPA

Mary Kreider, CPA

Mary, a Yeo & Yeo manager explains how she successfully balances her many roles as a CPA, wife, mother and Rotarian. Mary shares the value that Yeo & Yeo places on community service and also the ways in which the firm encourages the advancements of its professionals.

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Jennifer Tobias CPA

Jennifer Tobias, CPA

Jennifer, manager and co-leader of Yeo & Yeo's Death Care Services and Client Accounting Solutions team shares why she selected Yeo & Yeo. Jennifer also explains the unique way her passion for agriculture and her accounting career blend perfectly.

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Suzanne Lozano CPA, CVA

Suzanne Lozano, CPA, CVA

Suzanne, a Yeo & Yeo principal, mother of triplets and wife expands on the challenges and importance of work-life integration. She also describes her transition to public accounting from private accounting which included a move from Ohio to Saginaw.

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Danielle Cary CPA

Danielle Cary, CPA

Danielle, a senior manager at Yeo & Yeo describes how our firm invests in its people. She also shares valuable advice on career advancement.

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Jennifer Watkins CPA

Jennifer Watkins, CPA

Jennifer, a senior manager and Education Services Group leader at Yeo & Yeo shares how she successfully balances her family, career and passion for helping children in need. Also, Jennifer expands on her experience interviewing with both public accounting firms and private companies.

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Ali Barnes CPA

Ali Barnes, CPA

Ali, a senior manager at Yeo & Yeo shares how her love of education, math and politics led her to the accounting profession. Read more about Ali’s commitment to traveling with her family and the value she places on the upcoming millennial generation.

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Tara Stensrud CPA

Tara Stensrud, CPA

Tara, a manager at Yeo & Yeo describes her experiences with work-life flexibility and how the firm supports the career advancements of its professionals.

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Marisa Ahrens CPA

Marisa Ahrens, CPA

Marisa, a manager at Yeo & Yeo, expands on the clear path to becoming a principal and open door culture that the firm provides. She also shares what excites her about a career in accounting and how she balances work and family successfully.

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Kristy Brown CPA

Kristy Brown, CPA

Kristy, a senior manager at Yeo & Yeo, describes the support she has received from the firm, not only in balancing her career and family, but also her passion for community service.

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Jamie Rivette CPA

Jamie Rivette, CPA

Jamie is a principal, Government Services Group leader, a wife and mom very successfully balancing her family and career with the support from her bosses and mentors along the way.

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