K-12 Education CPAs

Yeo & Yeo's Education CPAs know the challenges that schools face, from budgeting and cost reduction to new audit manual changes and upcoming GASB pronoucements.

School boards face complex financial issues. The school’s future depends on the ability to understand the status of the financial resources and the budget. An experienced Certified Public Accountant and education management consulting firm can help.

Yeo & Yeo’s strong statewide education CPA team is committed to personal client service. Experienced K-12 Education CPAs are assigned to single audits (formerly known as A-133) and other engagements with a focus on continuity of engagement staff and principal involvement throughout the audit.

Yeo & Yeo’s Education Management Consulting Team is highly qualified.

  • Yeo & Yeo performs the greatest number of public school audits and academy audits in Michigan. The firm serves over 100 public, nonpublic and charter schools throughout Michigan.
  • The firm’s Education CPAs are regular presenters at state and local education meetings and conferences, and are involved in state and local associations.
  • Yeo & Yeo education CPAs perform reviews for the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting (CAFR) program.

Yeo & Yeo's Education CPAs work with several school districts who have received the distinguished Association of School Business Officials’ Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting Award. Yeo & Yeo also works with school districts to receive the Meritorious Budget Award, which recognizes excellence in school system budgeting.

Recommended Download: GASB 84: Understanding the Four Types of Fiduciary Funds in School Districts.
  • K-12 Education Financial Audits and Accounting Services

    • Budgets and Projections
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Single Audits
    • Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting
    • Chart of Account Implementation
    • Construction Bond Audits
    • Internal Control Design and Review
    • Federal and State Grant Compliance
    • Financial Statement Audits and Preparation
    • Fixed Asset Schedules
    • Forensic Investigation and Fraud Prevention
    • Review and Compilation of Financial Statements
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  • Education Consulting Services

    Yeo & Yeo provides various education consulting services that are customized to the unique needs of your district.    

    • Accounting Policies and Procedures
    • Budget Analysis 
    • GASB Implementation and Consulting
    • Interim Business Managers
    • Indirect Cost Allocation Plans
    • Lease vs. Buy Analysis
    • Long-range Financial Projections
    • Operations Analysis
    • Outsourcing
    • Payroll Taxes
    • Privatization Analysis
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  • Tax Services for K-12 Education

    • Michigan Sales Tax related to fundraisers
    • Michigan Unemployment Tax
    • Payroll Taxes
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  • Technology Consulting for K-12 Schools

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  • GASB Training and Uniform Grant Guidance

    • Accounting Issues
    • Financial Reporting Issues 
    • GASB Implementation
    • Computer Software Training
    • Training for Governance
    • Uniform Grant Guidance
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GASB 84: Understanding the Four Types of Fiduciary Funds in School Districts

Learn how to implement the statement efficiently in your school district
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