2022 Payroll Planning

2022 Payroll Planning

CPAs & Business Consultants

Christine Porras
Christine Porras, CPP Payroll Supervisor CPAs & Business Consultants

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The YeoConsults Payroll Solutions Group would like to make you aware of important payroll updates that will affect you and your employees next year.

  1. Updated Form 1099-NEC
  2. Reporting of FFCRA wages in Box 14 on W-2

The State of Michigan has not issued any statements regarding an increase in the minimum wage; we anticipate it will remain at $9.65 per hour. Watch Yeo & Yeo’s website and future eAlerts for new developments.

Need guidance on closing 2021, preparing for 2022 payroll or meeting payroll deadlines? Contact the payroll professionals at Yeo & Yeo.

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