4 IT Budget Considerations


Jeff McCulloch
Jeff McCulloch President Technology

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According to Spiceworks’ Annual Report on IT Budgets and Trends, 89 percent of businesses will increase their IT spending in 2019. We have identified four key things to consider when planning your organization’s IT budget.

1. Software and Equipment Updates
Staying current is vitally important. Hackers are always finding ways to exploit software and steal information. Making room in your budget for security upgrades is critical. While some, such as Microsoft Office, automatically push out updates and patches, it’s important to stay on top of third-party patching for Windows devices. Third-party patches from Adobe, Google Chrome, Java or Flash should be easy, but can be a hassle. Investing in patch management software will help keep you secure while saving time and resources. Even with IT staff in place, it can be daunting to keep track of every update and patch. If you are not monitoring updates 24/7, consider a Managed Services package. Don’t forget all other devices, servers, printers and peripherals that require continual monitoring too. For a monthly fixed fee your IT infrastructure is proactively monitored and maintained.

2. Security Awareness Training
Ransomware and malware continue to be major threats for business owners and IT professionals. Education is a key factor in prevention and Security Awareness Training is a cost-effective way to train employees to notice warning signs and stop an attack before it strikes. Training will reveal your employees’ phish-prone percentage (many industries are around 30 percent) and, after one test, can lower the percentage by 13 percent.

3. Microsoft Solutions
Microsoft is continually updating and adding new features to Office 365. Office 365 was designed to be scalable and grow with your organization. If you’re planning an expansion or merger, Office 365 allows users to pay for exactly what they need with predictable costs and fewer licensing hassles.

4. Outdated Hardware 
Outdated hardware is the most significant driver of IT budget increases for businesses in 2019, according to the Spiceworks report. Every year it’s important to consider the state of your hardware (and software) to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and security. Consider the following:

  • Do your PCs and servers still have enough storage space?
  • How old is your current hardware?
  • Are your network and devices running slow?

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