6 Surprising Benefits of Cloud Communications for Manufacturers


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Enabling enhanced productivity while driving down IT costs, cloud communications has been game-changing for manufacturers. Let’s look at the industry’s unique IT challenges and some of the surprising benefits this technology brings to the table.

IT Challenges in Manufacturing Today

From robotics to the internet of things (IoT), new technologies are pushing the industry forward exponentially. The problem is that rapid technological change can be out of reach for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies that won’t realize the cost-savings that come with large-scale operations. They may not have the resources to invest in new IT and develop solutions for leveraging data, analytics, and automation.

Cost-effectiveness is critical in manufacturing, but the reality is, investing in new technology is often expensive.

This is where cloud communications come in. It allows companies to dramatically reduce IT costs while making it far easier to manage operations. Manufacturers can streamline processes and collaborate using sophisticated data without increasing hardware and software costs. This leaves more budget for research and development, new technology, and growth.

How else are cloud communications helping manufacturers thrive?

1. Ability to Solve Problems Fast

With cloud communications tools such as unified communications as a service (UCaaS), your entire team can access real-time updates on shipping delays, back-ordered materials, or changes to a delivery schedule. This level of communication enables every decision-maker on the team to stay in the loop so employees can collaborate and problem-solve quickly.

2. Enables Teams to Stay Connected from Wherever

As we saw during the pandemic, to ensure business continuity, employees in all industries should have the flexibility to work remotely. That way, when the unexpected happens, whether it’s a hurricane, a power outage, or a pandemic, there’s always someone available to take calls from customers and to keep things moving along with suppliers.

3. Frictionless Scaling

With cloud-based communications tools, your company doesn’t need to purchase new hardware or software to expand your capabilities. The technology grows with you. Adding new users to your communications platform can be as simple as making the change remotely from the software’s control panel.

4. Easier to Leverage Data

With cloud technology, manufacturers have access to data that reveals insights at each supply chain and value chain point. When you and your teams have vast amounts of valuable data at your fingertips, taking action based on discovered patterns and trends happens in real-time.

5. Breaks Down Silos

With UCaaS, all of your communication tools are available from one app. This makes it easier to keep track of conversations and to collaborate in larger groups without creating confusion. You can also centralize the management of the entire company through one platform.

6. Better Reliability and Security

With cloud communications, your cloud provider hosts the software and the communications system off-site in a protected data center. With a reliable, security-first cloud communications system, your teams can count on flawless communication whether you’re coordinating with suppliers or sharing data internally.

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