80% of Ransomware Payers Will Face a Second Attack Within 30 Days


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New insight into what happens during and after a ransomware attack paints a rather dismal picture of what to expect. According to Cybereason’s Ransomware: The True Cost to Business report, the reality of mid-and post-ransomware attack circumstances is anything but resilient.

According to the report, 73% of all organizations have experienced a ransomware attack in the last 12 months. And of those that were attacked, the question of whether the ransom was paid always comes up:

  • 41% paid to “expedite recovery.”
  • 28% paid to “avoid downtime.”
  • 49% paid to “avoid a loss in revenue.”

But even after paying the ransom, 80% experienced a second attack, and 68% were asked for a higher ransom!

Then there is the aftermath to the organization:

  • 54% still had corrupted systems or data
  • 37% had to lay off employees
  • 35% had a C-level resignation
  • 33% had to suspend business temporarily

What’s interesting is that 75% of organizations believe they have the right contingency plans to manage a ransomware attack – a number that hasn’t changed in the last year, according to Cybereason.

While your organization “has a plan” to address ransomware, the only truly effective plan is to attempt to stop it all. This strategy needs to include empowering your users with Security Awareness Training so they can distinguish between legitimate email and web content from malicious content intent on kicking off a ransomware attack.

Information in this article was provided by our partners at KnowBe4.

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