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And the Winner for Most Prevalent Phishing Scam Is …


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When safeguarding your business data, one certainty stands out: Awareness of phishing emails is paramount. Picture them as wolves in sheep’s clothing, masquerading as legitimate communications to dupe unsuspecting recipients with malicious links, attachments, or requests for sensitive information under the guise of trusted sources.

Understanding the landscape is crucial, starting with a look at last year’s most common phishing scams. These scams typically fall into three main categories:

In the major category, finance-related phishing emails dominate, constituting a staggering 54% of attacks, often presenting fake invoices or payment requests to solicit financial details. Notification phishing emails follow closely, comprising 35% of attacks, leveraging urgency by claiming imminent password expiration or requiring immediate action.

Moderate themes encompass document and voicemail scams, representing 38% and 25% of attacks respectively, employing deceptive files or messages to compromise security.

While less prevalent, minor phishing themes including emails regarding benefits, taxes, job applications, and property still pose risks to the uninformed.

The repercussions of falling prey to these scams can be severe, ranging from financial loss to data breaches and damage to your company’s reputation. Thus, educating employees about phishing dangers and implementing robust cybersecurity measures are imperative for business protection.

Awareness and vigilance serve as primary defenses against phishing attacks. By staying informed, training staff, and fortifying security protocols, businesses can shield valuable assets from cyber threats.

We specialize in helping businesses bolster their defenses. If you’re uncertain about your level of protection, let’s discuss strategies to ensure comprehensive security.

Information used in this article was provided by our partners at MSP Marketing Edge.

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