Compromised Credentials Postings on the Dark Web Increase 20 Percent in Just One Year


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Recent data trends reveal a notable surge in posts by initial access brokers on the dark web, highlighting a looming cybersecurity challenge. While organizations prioritize preventive measures, detection methods, and response plans, a critical aspect seems to be overlooked: users falling victim to credential harvesting attacks by these brokers.

Credential attacks, achieved through social engineering, exploit users’ trust to obtain login credentials without the need for detectable malware illicitly. This tactic, as highlighted in CrowdStrike’s 2024 Global Threat Report, is on the rise, with a significant increase in compromised credential postings observed throughout the past year.

The escalating trend suggests a pressing need for organizations to fortify user protection against such attacks, emphasizing the importance of security awareness training to instill vigilant behaviors among employees when faced with unexpected credential requests.

As the threat landscape evolves, KnowBe4 stands as a trusted partner in empowering workforces to make informed security decisions, thereby fostering a stronger security culture and mitigating human risk for over 65,000 organizations globally.

Information used in this article was provided by our partners at KnowBe4.

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