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Are Webinars Effective for Training Employees?


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Webinars are a powerful marketing tool. They increase engagement and generate warm leads for sales. And with digital experiences becoming normalized over the past couple of years, the use of webinars is accelerating – according to the ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report 2021, the use of webinars went up 162% last year. But what about using them internally? Are webinars effective for training employees?

When well implemented, webinars can be just as useful for employee engagement as they are at engaging your company’s external stakeholders. Let’s unpack what an effective employee training webinar looks like to understand why webinars are such an excellent choice for training.

The benefits of using webinars to train employees

Because they are online, training webinars offer both employers and employees a level of flexibility and convenience that’s not possible with traditional training.

  • Your company can open up a training session to dozens – or even hundreds – of participants and offer the same level of quality for all. This is game-changing for larger companies that provide regular safety classes or other recurring training to all employees.
  • Everyone doesn’t have to attend in real-time. You can make your webinar available for people to view later. This is a significant benefit for people who couldn’t be there because of a meeting or other scheduling conflict.
  • Online training for new team members can save time and increase productivity. With a recorded webinar, your new hires will have a resource they can review later if they have questions or didn’t absorb all the information shared in the initial training session. This means less time wasted on new employee confusion and less stress.

What to look for in a webinar platform

  • Quick polls
  • Easy screen sharing
  • Rich chat
  • Post-webinar engagement
  • Cloud recording

Webinars are a great resource when it comes to employee engagement in the post-pandemic world. If your company doesn’t already have an advanced webinar solution or if you’re looking for a more efficient option, try out YeoVoice, powered by Elevate. It has all the tools you need to empower your company to give employees an excellent training experience.

Information used in this article was provided by our partners at Intermedia.

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