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Is Cybersecurity Training Really Necessary?


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This is a question we often hear. And the answer is always a big YES!

Software can only protect you to a certain level. Humans are the first line of defense against cybersecurity attacks.

If you can teach someone to spot a bad link in an email and not click it, then you don’t need to worry about mitigating the effects of a cyber-attack.

Regular training doesn’t just help your staff help you. It can also build a culture of security awareness within the business.

Staff find it hard to act against a culture. They’ll think, “if no one else bothers to check links before clicking them, why should I?”. That way of thinking also works the other way.

Regular training will help you identify areas where your security isn’t as robust as it could be and make appropriate changes.

If you don’t already invest in cybersecurity training, please think about it this year. The benefits are massive.

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