Why Face-to-Face Meetings With Your Auditor Are Important

Are You Using Your Video Conferencing Software Effectively?


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It’s convenient to hop on a video chat with a colleague to discuss a problem or clear up details on a project. You don’t think twice about it anymore, do you?

But are you using your video conferencing software effectively? Here are our suggested rules for video calls:

1. Create and share a meeting agenda

If you schedule a meeting with several others, let everyone know what the meeting is about and give them a chance to prepare. If you use Teams, there’s a text box at the bottom of the new meeting invitation where you can add details.

2. Make sure your background is suitable

Seeing people is a significant benefit of video calls. While people may be intrigued about where you are, blurring your background or working in front of a plain wall will ensure the focus is on you and not your house.

3. Don’t overshare

Ever been caught out when screen sharing? Maybe you’ve received a notification for a personal message or even forgotten to close down a website before joining your meeting?

You can share only the application you want to show by clicking ‘Share’ and choosing the thumbnail shown in the ‘Window’ category.

4. Stand up

Want to keep your video calls focused and productive? Then get everyone to stand up for them. This might seem strange, but it works really well in real life as well.

Information used in this article was provided by our partners at MSP Marketing Edge.

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