Rethinking Ransomware Payments: A Fool's Choice

More Than $6.9 Billion Lost in 2021 to Cybercrime


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The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has released its annual report.

The 2021 Internet Crime Report includes information from 847,376 complaints of suspected internet crime and reported losses exceeding $6.9 billion. State-specific statistics have also been released and can be found within the 2021 Internet Crime Report and in the accompanying 2021 State Reports
The top three cybercrimes reported by victims in 2021 were phishing scams, non-payment/non-delivery scams and personal data breaches. Victims lost the most money to business email compromise scams, investment fraud, and romance and confidence schemes. 

According to the report:

  • Victims lost more than $6.9 billion to cybercrime in 2021
  • More than 2,300 complaints of cybercrime were received each day
  • Those 60 years or older reported the most losses from cyberattacks
  • The top three industries targeted by ransomware were healthcare, financial services and IT

Cybersecurity must be an ever-evolving aspect of any successful and sustainable company. The best way to defend against a cyberattack is to take preventive steps – incidents are less likely to happen and can be less damaging if they do happen.

To get started now, download our 13 Ways to Protect Your Business Against Cyberattacks checklist.

If you need help  from an initial security assessment or implementing additional cybersecurity measures to examining a cybersecurity incident – please contact us. Yeo & Yeo Technology provides full cybersecurity solutions.

If a cyber incident has impacted you, it is encouraged to report the incident. Reporting the incident can help render assistance and prevent other organizations from falling victim to a similar attack. File a complaint with the FBI at and contact CISA via email at or call the 24/7 CISA Central Operations Center at (888) 282-0870. 


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