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August Technology Quick Tips


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I know I just saved a document, but I can’t find where it went

This is more common than you think. You click ‘save,’ and when you try and reopen your file, it’s not in the folder you thought you’d saved it to. Don’t worry, open up a folder, click on ‘recents,’ and your document should be there. Look at the file information, and it will show you where you’ve saved it.

I clicked a link in a phishing email. What do I do?

First, do not enter any data. Disconnect your device from the internet. If you’ve got malware, this will stop it from spreading. Run a full malware scan. And then consult an IT expert. They’ll advise how safe your backups are and whether you need to change any passwords.

My apps keep crashing. What’s wrong?

Have you tried turning your device off and on again? If it’s still happening, try deleting the app and reinstalling it. If it’s still happening, you may be low on storage space.

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