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Suzanne Lozano
Suzanne Lozano CPA Principal CPAs & Advisors

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My career path was nontraditional in that I obtained my CPA license working in private accounting in Ohio. After moving to Michigan and starting my career with Yeo & Yeo, I found a flexibility where I could be more involved in my community as well as have the work-life balance I needed as I grew in my career, became a wife, and the mother of triplets.

There are issues that female professionals face. I was fortunate not to have experienced these challenges simply because I am a woman, and throughout my career I have worked hard to make sure other women are afforded the same equalities I was.

In 2015, Yeo & Yeo was named to the Accounting MOVE Project’s Best Public Accounting Firms for Women list, which recognizes ten firms across the nation for their women’s initiatives and female leadership. The project evaluates the retention of women leaders in public accounting and their advancement to partnership and other positions of increasing responsibility.

Yeo & Yeo provides the venue for women who have the desire and drive to grow as leaders in the accounting industry and in their communities. As a founding member of Yeo & Yeo’s Career Advocacy Team, I along with other key team members in our firm sought out the concerns that our female professionals faced and did our best to find solutions. Over time, we discovered that the issues our females encountered were relevant to all professionals, regardless of gender. Top of their list: equal access to career development and advocacy experiences, and promoting the successful integration of personal and professional lives. Therefore, we continually work to provide enhanced solutions for those issues.

The primary focus in our firm is to position our employees to best serve their families along with serving their communities, clients and the firm.

We wish every one of our employees to have a gratifying career that includes upward mobility, support and feedback along the way.

When Yeo & Yeo was named to the Accounting Move Project’s Best Firms for Women List, I was among one of the women leaders in our firm to be featured. I recommend, whether you are a women or man seeking a career in accounting, that you read the advice that Yeo & Yeo’s women leaders provide regarding their challenges and how they balance work-life flexibility.

You can read my story and other Yeo & Yeo women leaders’ stories here.

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