Celebrating our Women Christina LaVielle
Celebrating Our Women

Interview with Christina LaVielle

CPAs & Advisors

In celebration of our many women leaders who have been instrumental in Yeo & Yeo’s success, we are proud to feature one of our remarkable leaders, Christina LaVielle.

For years, we have provided our professionals with a healthy work-life balance, supporting them in their efforts to effectively balance a growing career and fulfilling home life. Our total workforce is over 54% female, and those in leadership positions exceed 50%. We are incredibly proud of our family-friendly culture and our ability to attract and retain women.

This is Chritina’s perspective on her career and what it takes to develop leadership skills and achieve success.

Q: Tell me about your career and your role at Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Advisors.

As an Assurance Supervisor, I manage clients and staff throughout all audit phases. I am on the government services team, and I work almost exclusively on governments which includes everything from cities and water authorities to libraries across the state of Michigan. I am also very involved in internal training for the assurance staff, and I am part of the internal technology implementation team.

Q: How do you balance your career, personal life, and passions?

The pandemic shutdown gave me a new perspective on balancing work and life. Since everything opened back up, I have been setting weekly goals for what needs to be done and what can be delegated. Coupling that with our firm’s flexibility has made it much easier to take time off and spend it with my family and friends. Hiking and traveling are passions of mine, and I have taken advantage of the flexible work schedule and half-day summer Fridays to take trips and spend more time outdoors.

Q: What’s the biggest factor that has helped you be successful?

The support of my mentors at Yeo really took me to the next level of success. They truly care about their employees’ personal goals and are willing to work with those unconventional career paths like mine. My family has also been a huge support system throughout my career and personal life. Finally, my co-workers have always been a driving force for success as we work as a team to complete projects.

Q:  What mistakes have you made along the way, and what did you learn from them?

One of the biggest learning experiences I had early on in my career was realizing the importance of open communication with my mentors and managers about my personal and career goals. In the past, I wasn’t transparent about my goals, which almost led me to pursue other career options. However, after having honest conversations with my supervisors, I realized they had my best interests and heart. They were willing to create a non-traditional leadership path that aligned with my strengths and the needs of the Assurance Service Line, which has made my career more fulfilling and successful.

Q:  How can women develop their leadership skills?

The most important way to develop leadership skills is to take on leadership roles when they are offered. I think a lot of times, people are afraid to fail, and that can hinder their willingness to step up and be a leader. Once you take that initial leap into leadership, you realize that facing adversity and failures will help you grow both personally and professionally. And remember, it’s a process. Becoming a good leader does not happen overnight.

Women in Leadership

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