Cigna, UnitedHealth to Stop Paying for Consults in October

Medical Billing

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Two major commercial payers will stop reimbursing consultation E/M services (CPT codes 99241-99255) in October, finally joining CMS in ditching the high-paying but sometimes confusing code set.

UnitedHealth made its announcement in its March 2019 newsletter, stating that it was aligning its policy to match Medicare’s as part of an effort to shift participating providers to “more current fee schedules.” UnitedHealth will stop recognizing and paying for consults on Oct. 1, 2019.

Cigna’s announcement came more recently in a July bulletin but the company offered no specific explanation. “We will implement a new reimbursement policy, Evaluation and Management (R30), and deny claims billed with CPT consultation codes as not valid,” Cigna writes in the bulletin. “Claims can be resubmitted with the appropriate non-consultative E/M code that describes the service.” Cigna will stop recognizing and paying for consults a little later than UnitedHealth, on Oct. 19, 2019.

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