Claims Adjustments are Here for Non-physician Providers

Medical Billing

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This article is provided by the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services. Visit their website at

Claims with dates of services on or after 1/01/16 for professional non-physician providers (Psychologists, Social workers, Marriage/Family Therapists, and Professional Counselors) were paying incorrect rates. This has been corrected in CHAMPS as of the December 14, 2018 release to allow claims to properly pay the correct rates, per MSA 15-44 and MSA 15-14.

MDHHS will adjust the impacted claims beginning on pay cycle date 1/17/2019 until complete. The claims can be identified with claim note “Correcting overpayments for non-physicians”.

Providers with further questions can contact provider support by phone 1-800-292-2550 or by email

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