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Does Your IT Budget Include New Devices?


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2020 was full of change for the IT industry. Increased emphasis on remote working has resulted in new cybersecurity risks and software and hardware demands.

With the drama that last year brought about, lots of businesses like yours are cutting back and stretching their IT budgets further this year. Getting value for money from everything you do is essential.

That goes for your IT budget too.

Hopefully, you already realize that cutting back on your IT support spend is a very bad idea. One that is almost certain to cost you more money in the long run.

But there’s another element of your IT budget you may not have considered before: your devices, more specifically, whether it makes better financial sense to repair or replace a device when things start to go awry.

Yes, the outlay for a new device can be high. The outlay for a whole fleet of devices can be scary. But if your PC or laptop is getting towards the end of its life span, you will probably save more if you replace it than if you opt for trying to squeeze another year out of it. 

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