Episode 32: Understanding GASB Statement No. 101, Compensated Absences

CPAs & Advisors

Podcast Host: Michael Rolka, CPA, CGFM

Speaker: Daniel Beard, CPA

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Welcome to Everyday Business, Yeo & Yeo’s podcast. On episode 32, host Michael Rolka, CPA, CGFM, Principal in Yeo & Yeo’s Auburn Hills office, is joined by Daniel Beard, CPA, Manager in Ann Arbor.

Listen in as Mike and Dan discuss GASB Statement No. 101, Compensated Absences, breaking down its complex aspects into digestible insights. They discuss its purpose, its impact on governmental accounting, and why it’s essential for financial reporting. In this podcast, you will learn more about:

  • Components of GASB Statement No. 101
  • Critical aspects essential for implementation
  • Effective implementation strategies
  • Critical auditor considerations
  • Impact on financial statements and disclosures
  • Examples to better understand the standard’s intricacies

Whether you’re new to GASB 101 or seeking more insight, this podcast takes a deeper dive into the challenges, changes and considerations to help you navigate its complexities.

Thank you for tuning in to Yeo & Yeo’s Everyday Business podcast. Yeo & Yeo’s podcast can be heard on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, PodBean and, of course, our website.

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