Rethinking Ransomware Payments: A Fool's Choice

Every Minute, 4 More Businesses Become Victims of Malware


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With one billion pieces of malware out there, your business will likely be affected at some point.

It’s scary stuff.

Worse still, some kinds of malware are very difficult to recover from. It’s rarely as simple as deleting an infected file. The most destructive malware can be the hardest to tackle.

You need to protect your business with more than just antivirus software.

Keeping your data safe and secure requires a combination of:

  • Specialist software
  • Staff training
  • And other safety measures, which will differ from business to business, depending on many factors

While it’s not realistic to protect your business from 100 percent of malware attacks (without completely crippling your staff’s ability to do their work freely), you can take the proper measures to minimize the risks and be instantly aware when you are under attack.

Is your business prepared for this? Contact Yeo & Yeo Technology to learn about our cybersecurity solutions.

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