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Five Things to Consider When Implementing a Remote-Working Strategy


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Small and midsize businesses across the country have pivoted to remote work as a necessity. A quarter of people plan to work from home permanently or more regularly when the pandemic is over.

No surprises there. Many people feel more productive when they work from home. And three-quarters believe there are fewer distractions at home (when the kids are at school, anyway).

Here are five things we recommend you put in place for everyone who’s going to be working from home, long-term:

  1. A dedicated working space: Trying to work in the same area as other family members is testing for everyone. Help your team identify where they will work and set up a proper work environment. This will also help them draw the line on the day’s work when they leave their workspace.
  2. Fastest possible internet: Slow speeds are the biggest frustration. There are often options to speed up the internet. Maybe you could subsidize them upgrading to a better service?
  3. Dedicated tech: 62 percent of home workers would like their company to provide better technology to help them stay connected to what’s going on in the business. From a data security point of view, you’ll have a lot more control if you give them a business device to use only for work.
  4. Collaborative software: Whether it’s Microsoft Teams or other software, it’s so easy these days for anyone working anywhere to stay up to speed on all relevant projects.
  5. Help them feel involved: This can be as simple as sending pizzas to everyone’s houses, so your team can have lunch together on a video call.

With employees working between a mix of offices or remotely, your communication systems need to be flexible and reliable. Cloud-based communications platforms that including business phone, chat, video conferencing and more will help your business remain successful as we transition in this new environment.

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