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June Technology Quick Tips


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My mouse has stopped moving. What do I do?

If your mouse freezes or the cursor disappears, it can be tough to do anything. This is where keyboard shortcuts come to the rescue. Press “ALT” and “F4” together to open the shutdown menu, then restart your device. When it reboots, things should be working correctly.

I’m trying to upload a Word document, but it needs to be a PDF

Not a problem. In your Word document, select File > Save As. Click the drop-down box at Save As Type, and select PDF. Then choose where you want to save the File. Now you have your PDF version with no stress.

My screen has turned blue and won’t do anything

Ah, the blue screen of death. It looks like you just need to reboot your device. Hold down your power button for 5 – 10 seconds, and it should turn off. Power it back up, and things should be back to normal. If you have any prompts to install updates, do it as soon as you’re back up and running.

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