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Yeo & Yeo Technology’s Business Applications Group specializes in working with clients to get more from their business software through custom programming and reporting solutions. Many of these clients look to information to improve their daily processes and resources, making them more competitive in their industry.

Recently, a manufacturing client of YYTECH identified a need to improve how they create and track their customer quotes. They were using a Microsoft Excel based system to produce their quotes and found their salespeople were often missing crucial options, resulting in pricing issues. In addition to not pricing their jobs correctly, there were no analysis reports on quote wins or losses and their quotes overall were not very uniform in their appearance.

The Business Applications Group created a custom program that allowed them to enter, track, and print their customer quotes. The program incorporated their business rules so their quotes were uniform and required certain fields to be filled in before completing the process. This immediately increased the accuracy of their quotes and allowed them to archive their quotes for easy retrieval and analysis.

This is one example of how the Business Applications Group’s custom programming and reporting solutions work with businesses to streamline operations and improve the accuracy of their information systems.

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