Managed Services – A healthy diet for your network


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One of the fundamental foundations of a healthy lifestyle is the food pyramid. We’ve all seen the food pyramid, how food groups are divided and how it’s changed over the years as we have learned more about what’s best for our bodies. The vital parts of managed services can be divided the same way and are constantly evolving. 

We decided to build our own pyramid, featuring all of the qualities for a healthy network. These services are in place to help you reach your IT goals and make your network the best it needs to be. Let’s take a closer look at what managed services are needed to keep your network in tip-top-shape.
One of the questions we get asked frequently is, “why should I outsource my IT?” The simplest answer is, cost savings. But saving money is only one of many benefits for switching to managed services.
At YYTECH, we call our managed services offerings YeoCare Managed Services. YeoCare was designed to keep networks healthy and help detect failures before they happen. YeoCare allows users to have important resources and knowledge right at their fingertips.

Managed Services diet plan


  • Access to 24/7 Support
  • Onsite Consultation and Analysis
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Yeo Helpdesk Assistance
  • Warranty Repair and Facilitation
  • IT Procurement Assistance
  • Weekly Hard Drive Defragmentation
  • Weekly Deletion of Windows and IE Temp Files
  • Monitoring of Servers
  • Monitoring of Workstations
  • Monitoring of Backups
  • Monitoring of Network including Switches, Router and Firewall
  • Monitoring of Messaging Services including Email and Spam
  • Microsoft Software Patching and Updates
  • Antivirus Software Patching and Updates
  • Network Device Patching and Software Updates
  • Third Party Application Patching 

Health Benefits

Cost Savings

When it comes to saving money, businesses need to balance efficient spending and quality service. IT managed services allow a number of different forms of cost savings for clients. The first being controlled overall IT costs. Setting fixed costs allows businesses to set an effective yearly budget and stick to it. Secondly, IT providers, such as YYTECH, have certified employees on staff to assist with any IT related issues that businesses may come across. By eliminating the hiring and training of internal employees, labor costs are reduced.

Experience and qualifications

When dealing with a managed service provider, a business is taking a strength in numbers approach. Having an internal IT person or staff is great, but outsourcing some or all of IT opens businesses up to a fleet of experience and certifications. Typically managed service providers have a number of employees who specialize in specific areas. Instead of stretching out one person who is good at a lot of things, clients now have access to a staff of individuals with specific skillsets and focus areas. This expands the levels of service received.

Implementation at your speed

is always changing, that goes without being said. By outsourcing IT, businesses have access to new, higher quality – fast with the assurance of quality. Projects that might take an internal business months may be completed in weeks through a managed services provider. Certain technologies are able to scale up or down based on the need of your business.

Disaster Recovery

One of the greatest advantages of working with a managed service provider is their access to secure data centers and networks. A managed service provider can setup a business continuity plan for businesses to be sure that data is always properly backed up and secure. If a disaster strikes, data can be accessed within a short amount of time.

Improved concentration on business

Time. Sometimes it seems like we never get enough during a work day. Outsourcing IT allows extra time to focus on other needs of business. Just as our clients have become professionals in their industry, IT engineers and technicians spend their days focused on IT. They know the trends and idiosyncrasies of the IT world.


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