Has Your Organization Done Everything It Needs to for Compliance with the Uniform Grant Guidance?

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If your organization receives federal funds, whether from a pass-through entity, such as the State of Michigan, or directly from the federal government, you need to be aware that the Uniform Grant Guidance 2 CFR 200 is now applicable. Watch our video to learn about those things you need to verify are in place now, before your auditor comes asking questions. Even if federal funds are below the threshold requiring an audit, the compliance requirements of the Uniform Grant Guidance, including many required policies and procedures, still apply.

We encourage you to watch Yeo & Yeo’s Uniform Grant Guidance Webinar to stay informed. Our webinar will provide you with answers you have been searching for about Uniform Grant Guidance.

Other resources you can review for further information on how to comply with the Uniform Grant Guidance:

If you have additional questions, contact a Yeo & Yeo professional.

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