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May Technology Quick Tips


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I’ve just closed a document without saving it. Help!

Don’t panic! If you have auto-recovery options enabled in Microsoft 365, all is not lost. If not, you may still be able to retrieve your work. Search for Word backup files by clicking ‘open,’ ‘computer’ and then browse the folder where the file was last saved. You may also be able to search your device for temporary files, ending in .tmp. Good luck!

My computer isn’t recognizing my USB device.

Let’s try a couple of things. First, try it in a different USB port. Does that help? If it’s still not working, try a different USB device in the ports. If that works, it looks like your USB device is broken. If it doesn’t work, you need IT support.

Why can’t I log in?

This one is common and very frustrating. You can be entering what you know is the right password and still no joy. Grr. Make sure you don’t accidentally have caps lock on. If that doesn’t work, you’ll probably need to go for a password reset. Sorry. We always recommend you use a password manager. That way, you can be sure an unrecognized password isn’t just your mistake.

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