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3 Trillion Minutes on Zoom (Is That Just This Week?)


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Zoom calls, Teams meetings, Google Meets, whichever tech platform your business uses, do you ever get to a Friday evening and feel a bit “over Zoomed”?

(especially if you then have ANOTHER Zoom arranged with friends or family?)

According to estimates, over three trillion minutes will be spent on Zoom this year. That’s about 5.5 million years!

As much as they’re a pain when you have them all day, video calls help us be productive and get things done while we’re working remotely.

76% of all employees use video calling for remote work, according to some stats we’ve been reading. And three-quarters of those say it makes them more productive. 41% of employers believe video calls lead to better-engaged teams.

How can we feel less “over Zoomed” then? Here are three suggested rules:

  1. Do a tech test before every meeting: Check that your video and sound are working. Zoom has a test call facility at zoom.us/test.
  2. Never meet unless you have a written agenda: And put the agenda on screen using screen share. This stops meetings from dragging on.
  3. Stand up, especially if you’re the organizer: This is a good one for real-life meetings, too. When you stand for a meeting, your body will give you plenty of feedback when things are dragging. Standing desks are also a great idea for productivity and keeping energy levels high.

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