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Microsoft Goes Toe-to-Toe with Ransomware in New Office 365 Updates


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Ransomware and cybercrime continue to be in the news cycle, claiming more victims every day. Microsoft has developed a new level of protection for Office 365 home and personal users with an update that can detect ransomware and help restore files from OneDrive.

“If an attack is detected, (users) will be alerted through an email, mobile, or desktop notification and guided through a recovery process where you’ll find the date and time of attack preselected in Files Restore, making the process simple and easy to use,” said Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Office. “As these threats evolve, we are continuously improving detection capabilities to help keep you safe from the most advanced ransomware.”

Later in 2018, Microsoft is planning to add a security-enhancing link-checking feature to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. When users click on embedded links to websites that serve up malware or are associated with phishing scams, the apps will point users to a warning screen that alerts them to the threat and urges them to turn back.

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