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Studies show that sitting for extended periods slows your metabolism and raises your risk for obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and early death. Yet, many employees and students find themselves sitting at their desks for six hours or more every day. Employers and educators need ergonomic spaces that not only decrease health risks, but inspire creativity and collaboration. The solution? Mobile desks.

The Ergotron Mobile Desk allows you to move throughout the office or classroom, adapting to how and where you want to work. Easily go from sitting or standing to collaborate with peers, travel between workspaces or facilitate group projects.

Yeo & Yeo offers Ergotron mobile and height-adjustable desks designed to turn classrooms and offices into active learning and working environments while simultaneously promoting better health.

YYTECH is a REMC SAVE Awarded Vendor.

Ergotron's new Mobile Desk

REMC Item # 192004

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