New Principal Spotlight: Get to Know Jessica Rolfe

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Jessica Rolfe, CPA, along with Marisa Ahrens, CPA, Michael Evrard, CPA, and Jennifer Tobias, CPA, was promoted to principal effective January 1, 2022.

Jessica Rolfe leads the firm’s Nonprofit Services Group and is a member of the Audit Services Group and Education Services Group. She specializes in audits for government entities, school districts, nonprofits and healthcare organizations. She joined the firm in 2009 and is based in the firm’s Saginaw office. In the community, Jessica serves as treasurer of the Tri-County Community Adjudication Program and volunteers as an allocation panel member for the United Way of Midland County. She is a frequent contributor to Yeo & Yeo’s blog and a presenter for Yeo & Yeo’s nonprofit board trainings.

Let’s learn more about Jessica and what makes her career meaningful and enjoyable.

You have been active in Tri-CAP and United Way. What have you taken away from those experiences, and how have they helped develop your ability to serve clients?

I have served as treasurer for Tri-CAP for many years now. It has helped me understand the importance of giving back to our community and how impactful many of our local organizations are. I have volunteered for the allocation panels of the United Way of Midland County for numerous years. Again, seeing these organizations’ impact in the community is so humbling. It motivates me to help my clients rather than go through the motions performing services. 

The last few years have highlighted the need for trusted advisory services. Can you share how you have been able to help your clients navigate the changes?

The world has been a crazy place the last few years. Clients have needed us more than ever. Turnover, COVID, large new grant funding, PPP loans and employee retention credits are all new challenges many organizations have faced. Yeo & Yeo has really stepped up trying to navigate these issues with our clients. They aren’t just new to them, but they are new to us too! By listening and being proactive, we have eased the pain for our clients and given them helpful business advice. 

What do you enjoy most about your career? 

The people – clients and coworkers. The number one reason I have stayed at Yeo & Yeo is because of the amazing people I get to work with every day. I’ve met some of my best friends here. Working with people you like and care about makes for an incredible work environment. 

How do you define success?

A sense of feeling whole. Everyone’s goals and priorities are different. I think success is a feeling, not a measurement. Feeling you are at the right place in life and living the life that makes you happy. 

What is your most significant contribution to the Yeo & Yeo team?

I enjoy the technical aspects of my job and making things as efficient as possible. Many of my contributions to the firm involve using these strengths for projects such as the audit software conversion and regularly developing new work papers for templates and clients. I also have a passion for training and have spent a lot of time educating new staff over the years. 

Do you have hobbies or a passion for something unique?

My father passed away in summer 2021, and I inherited a large vinyl record collection (around 400 records). I have always had a passion for music. As a result, I have become more knowledgeable about vinyl, and we are adding to the collection each month with new purchases in his honor.

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