New Principal Spotlight: Get to Know Marisa Ahrens

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Marisa Ahrens, CPA, along with Michael Evrard, CPA, Jessica Rolfe, CPA, and Jennifer Tobias, CPA, was promoted to principal effective January 1, 2022.

Marisa Ahrens leads the firm’s Employee Benefit Plan Audit Services Group. She specializes in employee benefit plan audits and advisory services, including 401(k) and 403(b) plan audits, defined benefit plan audits, employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) audits, internal controls, and efficiency consulting. She is based in the firm’s Saginaw office. Marisa has more than 13 years of experience providing audits for nonprofits, healthcare organizations and for-profit companies.

In the community, she serves as treasurer of the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum and assistant treasurer of St. Lorenz Church. She is also board secretary for the Yeo & Yeo Foundation.

Let’s learn more about Marisa’s career path and strengths.

When did you know you wanted to be a CPA, and why did you gravitate toward this profession? 

My dad inspired me to major in accounting as the experience and education could open up a lot of opportunities in business. Shortly after college, I was offered a career at Yeo & Yeo. I was excited to see the successful work-life balance that employees were provided and the upward growth opportunity for those who pursued their CPA license. Within a few short years, I earned my CPA and began my growth journey with the firm. Now, 13 years later, I am very thankful for my dad’s advice. I have been made a partner at my firm, and I am grateful for the work-life balance I experience.

You have been a board member for the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum and the Saginaw County Business & Education Partnership. What have you taken away from those experiences, and how have they helped develop your ability to serve clients?

Being a treasurer on a board for several years has opened my perspective, particularly on the client’s end. I understand the important roles that board members play in organizations. I can also understand the audit process from the other side, which helps me better serve my audit clients.

What do you enjoy most about your career?

The flexibility that I have within my career surprised me. I can achieve success within my career and at home with my family. I rarely miss a school function, and I am often on the sidelines as a coach for one of the many activities that my kids are in. Also, working with such a great group of people is amazing. The people here are so intelligent. It’s great to bounce ideas off them and talk things through. Plus, it’s nice to work with people you consider your friends – it makes my career much more enjoyable!

How do you define success?

I define success as being happy. A successful career is one where you generally enjoy going to work each day. It is also one that provides flexibility and a positive work-life balance. Being successful here at Yeo & Yeo has helped me provide an amazing life for my family.

What is your most significant contribution to the Yeo & Yeo team?

I believe my concern and compassion for others is my biggest contribution. I truly care about everyone I work with and the clients that I serve. I can be a great role model to other working moms and parents. My coworkers and clients understand the importance of family to me, yet they can see my career doesn’t take a back seat, and their needs are met. I make being a great employee and a great mom work.

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