Next-Generation Antivirus


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We are in a new era of cybersecurity. Hackers are constantly inventing and innovating ways to steal our vital information. This is where Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) has entered the market. YYTECH is proud to offer a new NGAV solution for clients.

There are countless ways NGAV benefits users. The biggest benefit being protection going beyond just malware attacks. For many years, traditional antivirus was enough. Not anymore. Many organizations, with good traditional antivirus, fall victim to ransomware-type attacks that go undetected by standard antivirus . NGAV incorporates the industry’s newest features that target the tools, techniques, tactics, and procedures used every day by both mass scale opportunistic attackers and targeted advanced threats.

NGAV is the natural evolution of traditional antivirus that protects computers from the full spectrum of modern cyberattacks, delivering the best endpoint protection with the least amount of work. NGAV speaks to a fundamentally different technical approach in the way malicious activity is detected and blocked.

NGAV takes a system-centric view of endpoint security, examining every process on every endpoint to algorithmically detect and block the malicious tools, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) on which attackers rely.


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