Using Crystal Reports to Get Your Data


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Most accounting and ERP systems come with a variety of built in Financial and Business Reports. These reports are often very general, and non-specific, and can frequently leave you wanting more. Whether it is a pinpointed category of data you are looking for, or a seemingly simple mathematical calculation that you want to perform with the data, these “canned” reports are often not able give the desired output. This is where Crystal Reports comes into the picture.

Crystal Reports offers an easy solution to your report generation and customization needs. It allows you to connect to your accounting and ERP data, and “slice and dice” it until you have the information you need in the format you want.

Yeo & Yeo Technology offers training on how to use this powerful tool to access, view, and ultimately distribute your data in the easiest to understand, and most visually appealing ways. If you aren’t looking to learn a new piece of software, but would rather have someone else gather the data and create the reports for you, YYTECH has several software consultants and programmers on staff that are well versed in the use of Crystal, and can offer that service as well.

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