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Chelsea Meyer
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A slew of different construction-focused accounting systems are available, but not all of them may be a good option for your company. For the small- and medium-size company, some of the dedicated systems can be too robust or too pricey to be a viable option. For this reason, many companies have turned to QuickBooks for their accounting needs. Construction owners and managers can successfully utilize this platform with the help of various add-on applications.

Intuit’s website describes the many different Intuit-approved applications that will integrate seamlessly with the various QuickBooks platforms. These add-ons give users functionality that is not built into the basic QuickBooks system. Below are a few examples of popular construction-related add-ons and what they can do for users.

  • Corecon

Corecon is an overall project management software. With Corecon, contractors can easily monitor their job costs, build accurate estimates and bids, and schedule jobs. Corecon also gives staff working on job sites the ability to enter their logs and timecards through a mobile app.

  • RedTeam

RedTeam assists contractors with the internal management of jobs. With this app, contractors can do paperless posting and approval of vendor and subcontractor invoices, easily track subcontractor insurance and other credentials, and track revenue based on each job’s percentage of completion.

  • Knowify for Contractors

Knowify is made specifically for residential contractors. It gives these companies the ability to build bids for both general contractor jobs as well as smaller jobs with property owners. It helps contractors estimate jobs and track job costs once it has begun, support both standard and AIA-style invoicing, maintain online schedules, and create and automatically send purchase orders to vendors.

The above are just a few examples of the different add-ons that are available; many more are offered that can help construction contractors manage documents, generate advanced reporting, simplify payroll and optimize productivity.

Call on the members of Yeo & Yeo’s Computer Accounting Software Solutions Team who hold QuickBooks accreditations and can help you choose software that will provide the most substantial benefits for your construction business.

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