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September Technology Quick Tips


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I’ve lost my phone, and it’s on silent

Not a problem. Use another device to find it. For iPhones, log in to iCloud.com, and you should be able to see all your devices and their location. You can make the iPhone play a sound to help you locate it. If you’re using Android, go to android.com/find to do the same.

The screen on my laptop keeps freezing

Don’t worry. Nine times out of 10, this can be remedied by turning your laptop off and on again. However, it may be an issue with the device’s memory or corrupt files if it’s something that keeps happening. Run a system check and a malware scan to see if they offer a solution. Better still, get an IT professional on the case.

Pop-ups on my phone are driving me mad. Can I get rid of them?

Yes! On an iPhone, go to Settings, Safari, and turn on ‘Block pop-ups.’ On Android, open Chrome and the settings on the right-hand corner. Select settings, then site settings, and make sure pop-ups are blocked.

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