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5 Telltale Signs That You’re Ready to Upgrade Your HR System


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HR leaders have found themselves dealing with an increase in both admin and strategic work. According to a recent Sage survey, “60% of HR leaders said their workloads have increased dramatically in the last year.”

The right HR solution can alleviate some of this added work by automating processes and providing actionable insights. Here are five telltale signs that you’re ready to upgrade your HR system.

1. Spreadsheets aren’t meeting your needs

While spreadsheets may have served you well in the past, over time, the data contained in them becomes overly complex, outdated, and open to data breaches. Compiling reports can take hours, if not days, which eats into valuable time you could spend on more strategic tasks. 

A robust HR system can create one central record by automating manual data entry. In other words, your records are up-to-the-minute accurate, giving you real insights at your fingertips in an instant.

2. Your HR workload is too admin-heavy

With increased demands being placed on HR’s time, freeing your team up from time-consuming admin is a no-brainer. A modern HR system can automate core HR processes and workflows. This massively reduces the amount of time spent on HR admin. Your HR can move away from being a purely transactional function toward being more of a strategic people-focused team.

3. You’re going international

The difficulties and complexities of global and local employment policies can take up a lot of HR’s time. From statutory working hours and sick leave to data compliance, pensions, and health care, the laws, regulations, and policies vary country by country. HR and People leaders need a solution that effortlessly manages and maintains global practices and local rules.

4. HR analytics: You can’t report on what you need

A reliance on outdated software can make compiling reports and analyzing the data an impossible and thankless task. A modern HR system can enable you to reel off any people management figures the c-suite requires in just a few clicks. It acts as one source of truth for collecting, reporting, and analyzing data, enabling you to track and predict trends. With access to the data you need, you can provide reliable workforce insights to help inform swift business decisions.

5. You want to drive better experiences and give managers more autonomy

Your people are your biggest asset, so building great workforce experiences that keep employees engaged, motivated, and enhances their well-being is vital. The right HR system will allow you to create employee self-service portals where your workforce can access and manage their own data. They can submit requests such as vacation leave or expenses – taking it off your HR team’s plate to free up their time to focus on more strategic tasks. It also gives managers autonomy by enabling them to directly sign off on their team members’ requests and create a portal for managing employee appraisals and feedback all in one place.

Technology is mission-critical 

Recent events have shown that if you’re behind in driving digital transformation, it’s time to upgrade. Acknowledging a need for HR tech investment is simply the first step. Yeo & Yeo Technology can help you determine what systems are best for your business based on your needs and budget. Contact us today.

Information used in this article was provided by our partners at Sage.

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