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Should Your Enterprise Deploy a Software-defined Data Center?


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We live in a world where change is the only constant. As data volumes explode and customers’ response times shorten, we need IT systems that can meet those challenges now and grow with us into the future, and it’s intelligent software that provides that path.

We carry software-defined phones, drive (or ride in) software-defined cars, so why should our data centers be any different? The software-defined data center (SDDC) marks the next evolution in infrastructure and data center automation architecture.

This analyst report from Gartner defines what an SDDC is, talks about which business models and projects are best for an SDDC implementation, examines risk mitigation strategies and talks about the skills needed for a successful SDDC. It will help you decide whether an SDDC is right for your organization and guide your decision-making process as you evaluate SDDCs. If you are thinking about SDDC, Software Defined Storage or Hyperconverged Infrastructure, read on to learn more about the what, where, how and why of the Software Defined Data Center.

This report will help you:

  • Learn about software-defined data centers
  • Understand SDDC attributes and taxonomy
  • Determine I&O skills refresh and cultural shift required
  • Establish an SDDC when the business case makes sense
  • Identify the business models and IT projects that get the most value from an SDDC
  • Know the required characteristics to make SDDC possible
  • Plan to mitigate the top risks of an SDDC project failure

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