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Yeo & Yeo offers varying career paths based on an individual’s strengths, passion, performance, leadership attributes, personal situations, and more. The career paths are individualized, specifically tailored to an employee’s career goals and aspirations, not a one-size-fits-all approach. Going beyond alternative paths to success, Yeo & Yeo provides mentorship, career advocacy and skill development through multiple programs including:

  • Emerging Leaders Program, which identifies future leaders on the partner track and provides the advanced training, tools, and support that they need to accelerate their growth and success.
  • Enhanced performance evaluation process, which includes more frequent check-ins, clearly-defined weighted goals, and ongoing feedback to help continually improve and retain aspiring leaders.
  • Restructured Mentor Program, which pairs current firm leaders with compatible future leaders, even taking into consideration the high proportion of women on Yeo & Yeo’s partner track and pairing them with established female partners who give a powerful visual model for success.

Leadership skills can play an important role in career development. At Yeo & Yeo, we nurture emerging leaders to gain self-confidence, improve performance and drive results. Through the evaluation process you will have the answers to:

  • What am I expected to do?
  • How well am I doing?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • How can I do a better job?

Answers to these questions keep you informed of the progress you are making. When questions arise or advice is needed, your mentor is available as a support every step of the way. These quality programs provide you with the greatest opportunities for growth of leadership skill, improved job performance and success at the firm.

Career paths are not do-it-yourself at Yeo & Yeo, thanks to the maps and structures that show employees multiple, proven routes to success.

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