Tips for Security in Healthcare IT


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Better protection, detection, response, and threat hunting for healthcare organizations

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Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) have a tough job, perhaps nowhere more so than in healthcare. Data security, regulatory compliance, legacy infrastructure, IoT, and the high value of protected health information place the CISO in the midst of a high-stakes game of capture the flag, where the consequences can, at the extreme, mean life or death.

Hospitals and health systems run on data and myriad applications of all types. They need a slew of in-house and third-party personnel, software platforms, security solutions, and more just to function correctly. Data moves from the point of care into numerous systems, some controlled by the organization and some by “business associates.”

So how can you protect your organization?

  1. Gain control across endpoints and the Cloud
  2. Mitigate threats with proactive, real-time detection and response
  3. Empower security teams with automated endpoint security

To learn more, read this informative whitepaper from our partner, SentinelOne.

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