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For those considering a career in accounting, in-demand skills and traits include leadership, team-oriented, attention to detail and interpersonal skills. Yeo & Yeo’s Training Department provides the technical and professional development training accountants need to excel in the profession and provide high-level expertise to their clients.

Each year, between busy seasons, members of each career level take a day out of the office for professional development training. This often involves business development training, leadership training, and how to be an effective mentor and coach. Training is made available through a variety of resources including in-house training, on-the-job training, external seminars and live web-based learning.

The transition from the theoretical knowledge learned in school to the practical implementation in a public accounting firm can be challenging. We support accountants by providing intensive training in-house early in their careers. Initial training immediately meshes the theoretical knowledge with practical implementation as we work on case studies in the computer programs we use on a daily basis. Group sizes are less than 20, to give more individual attention and answer questions. In addition, many of our programs and services have detailed manuals written by Yeo & Yeo personnel to explain how to implement the “Yeo way,” leaving little guesswork on the practical implementation.

We know not all training takes place in the classroom. As a CPA and the firm’s full-time Training Manager, I am dedicated to assist all accountants with questions as they arise, assess training needs, and implement firm-wide trainings. The firm also provides access to research software provided by a leading research company to help with questions. On-the-job training is provided as new challenges arise. There is also a complete library of on-demand courses available to provide accountants with just-in-time knowledge on particular subjects.

In addition, the firm supports accountants in the intense challenge of passing the CPA exam. In fact, the Leading Edge Alliance has recognized Yeo & Yeo’s CPA exam support program nationally with its Cultural & HR Innovation, Retention & Attraction Award.

At Yeo & Yeo, we know ongoing training is vital to your success and I am here to help!

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