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Turnkey Hyperconverged Rack-Scale for Maximum Agility, Simplicity


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Designed for easy deployment and manageability, the Lenovo ThinkAgile SX for Nutanix integrates state-of-the-art Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series appliances, premier Lenovo networking and management infrastructure into a turnkey, virtualization-ready system. Lenovo ThinkAgile Advantage provides comprehensive life cycle support and end-to-end case management.

Simplify Your IT

The ThinkAgile SXN allows you to centrally manage virtual and physical resource pools, reduce planned and unplanned workload downtime related to physical hosts, and avoid disruption and wasted time.

  • Designed for rapid deployment, rack-level scalability, and easy manageability
  • Ships fully integrated, tested, and configured for breakthrough time-to-value and reduced business risk.
  • As a ready-to-go data center or hybrid cloud infrastructure, enables rapid cloud migration and allows you to deploy your workloads—including back office, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), database and analytics—with ease and confidence.

Increase Agility

Designed to interwork seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, to reduce deployment effort, increase your uptime, and save time and money.

  • Reduces human errors, increases uptime, and enhances operational efficiency by automating switch configuration in a Nutanix cluster with ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator.
  • Industry-unique Lenovo ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator on the Lenovo CNOS switches work with Prism management to automate manual tasks and remove scheduled maintenance windows.
  • Accelerates administration and ultimately reduces OPEX, downtime, and errors by: 
    • Automatically configuring the physical network based on discovered topology 
    • Detecting changes in the virtual network and dynamically updating the physical network in response to new VMs, updated VMs, and deleted VMs with no user intervention

Faster installation, faster and easier deployment, reduced complexity, and quicker and more dependable support all contribute to a lower cost of ownership.

Experience Data Center Transformation

Easier than ever infrastructure configuration, deployment, and scalability at the rack and multi-rack level.

Deploy workloads in hours—not weeks— with Lenovo’s best-in-class supply chain, plus integration, validation, automation, and configuration at the factory, giving you substantial savings on installation costs.

Onsite deployment and single point of support through ThinkAgile Advantage for full end-to-end life cycle management, facilitating quick problem determination and minimized downtime.

“Pay-as-you-grow” economics enables you to add one or more Lenovo ThinkAgile HX nodes at a time as modular building blocks, to keep pace with your business growth.


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